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2i bottleless water cooler

The 2i incorporates leading-edge technology for superior water purification while providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to bottled and filtered water coolers. It produces cold and hot water, purifies tap water with a 4-stage filtration process, and replenishes oxygen molecules for fresh-tasting water in every pour. Its non-intrusive and sleek design won’t clash with the rest of your office decor, making it the perfect water filtration system for your office.

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Dimensions 13″W x 18.2″D x 49.7″H
Dispense Height 9″
Weight 62 lbs
Cold Tank Capacity 1.9 Gallons
Hot Tank Capacity 0.5 Gallons
Purification Process • Multi-stage process utilizing Sediment Removal
• Dual Carbon
• Reverse Osmosis (80 gallons per day)
• Activated Oxygen Injection

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