COVID-19 has uprooted everything about the way we work. Offices quickly emptied and companies had their employees work from home. Today, as the vaccine is being distributed, and precautions have been put in place, many organizations are optimistically looking to safely bring employees back to the office.

While the transition last year to work from home was a challenge for many who had never done it before, the transition back will certainly be an adjustment as well. For many employees it will be difficult to switch gears and go back to working in the office full-time, there are numerous benefits to working in the office. With enough planning, you can help ease the transition and enjoy moving forward in the post pandemic workplace.

Keeping our Employees Safe

Above all, employee safety is paramount. All return-to-work plans should feature safety as the top priority and be built to put the workforce at ease. Employers need to think ahead in several areas, such as:

  • Revised workplace layouts – look for ways to increase personal space, meeting room policies, etc.
  • Social distancing measures – encourage spatial awareness, avoid elevators, establish walking traffic patterns (one-way), stagger employee schedules (when possible), and more
  • Behavioral changes – discourage congregating in small areas, lingering or meeting in hallways, avoid shaking hands, etc.
  • Updates to cleaning procedures – step up cleaning protocols, make items like hand sanitizer and wipes accessible
  • Use of masks and face coverings – refer to guidelines and laws based on location and industry, seek legal counsel when implementing any policies, have masks on hand, and communicate expectations
  • Facilities – consider updating ventilation systems, installing automatic doors, using no-touch soap and water dispensers
  • General best practices – post reminders about handwashing and avoiding contact with your nose, eyes and mouth

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