Americans are starting to drink a lot more water in recent years as the health concerns regarding sugar and soda are being more apparent. A 2016 study done by Beverage Marketing found that water consumption in the U.S. grew 120% between 2000 and 2015, while carbonated drinks fell 16% over the same period.

Every healthy decision starts with drinking more water, and there are plenty of options when it comes to the water you drink such as reverse osmosis. Many people don’t fully understand the benefits of drinking reverse osmosis water.

  1. It’s the purest form of water available

    Yes, it’s true. Reverse osmosis water is the best you can get. It’s safer than purified and distilled water. The only thing skeptics of reverse osmosis can point to as a disadvantage is that reverse osmosis filters out minerals, which they assume valuable to their health.

    In reality, most Americans get their daily vitamins and minerals through the foods they eat or vitamin supplements.

    Furthermore, the dissolved minerals found in drinking water are organic, which means that your body has a difficult time processing them. This really negates any potential health benefits.

    For those that are concerned about losing mineral intake, you can always look for supplements to add to your diet. Some people add fruits, vegetables, or a pinch of sea salt to get these nutrients back.

  2. Reverse osmosis removes 99.99% of contaminants that may be present in municipal tap water

    A large majority of us don’t think twice about the water we drink from the tap. We turn it on and expect to receive purified water from the city. However, the truth of the matter is that the tap is not nearly as safe as most of us think it is. In the wake of Flint Michigan, public water has been under scrutiny and more water tests have been applied.

    There were 77 million people served by community water systems that were in violation of the Safe Water Drinking Act in 2015. This is nothing new though. Many chemical factories and manufacturing plants have violated regulations and pumped the environment full of harmful chemicals over half a million times in a recent study.

    Even well-regulated tap water can still have traces of harmful toxins, chemicals, and other contaminants. If your house or office has lead piping it can be poisoning you, your family, and coworkers. Filtering your water efficiently will eliminate the risk of exposure to these bad parasites, viruses, herbicides, and more.

  3. Reverse osmosis is good for the environment reducing plastic waste

    If you are trying to make the move to go green or you just don’t like the test of tap water, it might be a great decision for you to switch to reverse osmosis. Most homes and offices go through several cases of water per week without knowing it and that plastic gets stacked up in a landfill somewhere. Plus, bottled water from the store isn’t as pure as you think. It’s really just filtered tap water.

    A reverse osmosis system will pay for itself in no time because you are only paying pennies per gallon. Additionally, when you need water, it’s right there at the tap or cooler. No more running out of bottled water and you can stop hauling water back and forth from the store.

  4. It’s better for cooking

    Have you thought about using purified water for cooking? It’s important that your water is pure and not from the tap. The chemicals and toxins in your water can get in the food you eat.

    What water do you use for your morning coffee? Coffee tastes better with reverse osmosis water.

  5. It tastes better

    Perhaps the best reason to get reverse osmosis drinking water in your home or office is how great it tastes! When you remove all the impurities, you’re left with nothing but clean, refreshing water.

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