Happy 2021!!!

Here in the North our coldest season is underway. The leaves have long since fallen and the snow is trying to stick. The sun does not rise until well after 6 and sets just after 5. The sidewalks are empty, except for the occasional runner or human taking their dog for a walk. The temperatures now dip below freezing and we can all see our breath in the air.

When temperatures are cold, and daylight is sparse, maintaining a positive mindset can feel next to impossible. Convincing ourselves that the entirety of November through March is not just a time we should make it through, but time we should actually enjoy.

Get Outside

This will be an exceedingly long and isolating winter if you don’t continue to spend time outdoors. It will and has been challenging to come up with ways to see our friends and family while keeping safe and healthy, but we must keep trying. Cabin Fever?? It is a real affliction that occurs when one spends too much time indoors. These feeling of isolation and loneliness are more likely in times of social distancing, and self-quarantining.

This year is the year to get creative and get out of our comfort zone.

Figure our what your brain needs

This means getting enough sleep, drinking less caffeine, drinking more water, eating well, and working out. Spend less time on your phone, and schedule time with people you enjoy. Ask yourself: What do I need to feel okay? And make time for those things.

Give yourself a routine

You may not have a 9-5 job to report to while you’re isolated, but lack of routine can cause disruptions in eating, sleeping, and activity. Try to keep a sense of structure. Having an outline for your day helps you keep track of your hours and gives you mini “goals” to hit throughout the day.

It’s been a crazy nine months, be kind you yourself.